PPX Workshop on Retaining Young Talent

When: Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where: Canadian Museum of Civilization - Gatineau

The Forum convened workshops on “Retaining Young Talent.” The first session was in Ottawa. These workshops were held under the auspices of a new youth-centred venture of the Forum – “PPX.”

The world is changing and institutions and organizations must keep pace to remain relevant. For the Forum to keep pace, we expanded our reach beyond “traditional elites” to include a critical emerging demographic, Generation Y – Canada’s future leaders and global citizens.

Designed for and by youth, PPX is an innovative new “idea space” that brought together young Canadians from all fields and sectors to tackle future public challenges.

Looking ahead, all sectors will be recruiting more from the Gen Y pool, and having a better understanding of what drives this new generation will help to better attract and retain talent.

These workshops provided an opportunity to tap into the ideas and unique perspectives of an important and emerging demographic.