First Nations Financial Literacy

When: Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Where: Ottawa

One of the key challenges outlined in Realizing the Potential: Global Perspectives on Indigenous Economic Development, focused on the need to address access to finance for First Nations communities. Building on this project, Canada’s Public Policy Forum is convening a series of roundtables focused on identifying ways to help indigenous communities gain greater access to revenue by leveraging new and current revenue sources.

The first roundtable was on October 15, 2014 in Toronto and focused on identifying ways to help enhance First Nations access to private market capital enabling greater participation in major economic opportunities. The background report ‘Getting Together: First Nations and Capital Markets’ was provided for the roundtable and the Toronto summary report provides an overview of the discussion and recommendations. These documents can be found here.

The second roundtable was on November 17, 2014 in Vancouver and brought together experts in local governance and finance to provide views on capital gap in public financing, barriers to addressing it and recommendations to explore. The report ‘Breaking the Mould:  Fresh Options for First Nations’ Fiscal Policy’ provides background information on this topic and the Vancouver summary report describes the Roundtable discussion and recommendations. These documents can be found here.

The third and final roundtable will be held in Ottawa on April 29th, from 8-11 am. The focus of this roundtable will be First Nations Financial Literacy and will bring together experts in local governance and financing arrangements to discuss current challenges and opportunities. Aboriginal communities are experiencing an unprecedented number of opportunities to participate in economic development, yet may be prevented structurally and culturally from full participation.  There is still a pervasive and systemic gap in numeracy and literacy skills, while the policy framework that governs Aboriginal financing may also create disincentives for community participation. We are pleased to announce that closing remarks for the roundtable will be offered by The Right Honourable Paul Martin.

By invitation only

A report will follow from each event and a final project report will be produced at the close of the series. This final report will be shared with leaders across sectors to help build awareness and drive change around the key issues facing Canada’s First Nations.

For more information please contact:
Laine Johnson
Research Assistant