Federal Regulators Summit: Lessons from the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Best-in-Class Project

When: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Where: Ottawa

We live in rapidly changing times. Increasing and divergent pressures and priorities – whether environmental, social, political or otherwise – combine to demand more of Canada’s regulatory frameworks to ensure efficient, environmentally-conscious, safe and orderly development and delivery of everything from energy sources to food and drugs to how we build our roads. How do regulators ensure they continue to meet the high standards to which they are held by industry and the public while also delivering their mandates? What constitutes regulatory excellence? Where is the safe space for regulators to share with and learn from each other?

In 2014, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) commissioned the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Program on Regulation to develop a model for regulatory excellence. The final report Listening, Learning, and Leading: A Framework for Regulatory Excellence was released in October 2015 and provides a general framework for regulatory excellence based on a comprehensive body of work from international experts.

The Public Policy Forum, in partnership with the Alberta Energy Regulator, the National Energy Board, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and EY, invite you a short presentation of the research findings, and a discussion about the implications of this new regulatory framework that enables regulators to meet the diverse demands of our times.

This invite-only roundtable will provide the federal regulatory community with the opportunity to examine and discuss what it means to achieve regulatory excellence and engage in frank and candid discussion with a community of peers alongside Jim Ellis, President and CEO of the Alberta Energy Regulator, Peter Watson, President and CEO of the National Enery Board and Dr. Michael Binder, President and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

For more information, please contact Rhonda Moore at Rhonda.moore@ppforum.ca.

With thanks to our partners