Enhancing Workplace Productivity – Strategies for addressing chronic disease

When: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Where: Montreal

The prevalence of chronic disease in the workplace has significant implications for the economy as well as for the healthcare and social systems. In part, the high costs associated are the result of poorly coordinated care programs among governments, employers and employees. A lack of information and data also means that few Canadian leaders understand the impact of illness on their organizations or can measure the effectiveness of their interventions. As a result, many employers do not have the knowledge or tools required to meet the needs of employees living with disruptive illnesses, including arthritis, depression, back pain, cancer and other diseases.

To help frame a response to this significant health and economic challenge, the Arthritis Society and Canada's Public Policy Forum are convening business, government, labour, academic and non-profit leaders to explore how employers can improve workplace productivity and wellness among employees, especially those living with chronic illness.

More specifically, the Enhancing Workplace Productivity initiative will seek to achieve a number of key objectives, including:

* Examining the impact of chronic illness on employees and employers, and what is currently being done to address this challenge.
* Identifying a number of adaptable best practices that employers could use to support the wellbeing of employees affected by chronic disease.
* Providing insight into how employers can develop a scorecard to track workplace wellness data and to calculate the return on enhanced workplace wellness initiatives.
* Offering practical recommendations to help guide employers seeking to enhance their organization's productivity through workplace wellness initiatives.

Invitation-only sessions in will take place in Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto between January and May 2016.

The Forum will publish a final report at the project's conclusion.

For more information please contact:

Isabelle Couture
Project Lead

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