Public Engagement in a Multi-Stakeholder World

When: Friday, March 18, 2011 - Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where: Ottawa

Public engagement is a new way of thinking about how government works together with citizens, communities and stakeholders to achieve a wide range of goals that it cannot achieve alone, such as population health, adjustment to climate change, building a highly skilled labour force, or national security.

This daylong seminar, facilitated by Dr. Don Lenihan, the Public Policy Forum's Vice President, Engagement, was based on the final report of a two-year, cross country dialogue on public engagement that involved eight federal, provincial and territorial governments, the Government of Australia and some 500 public servants.

The course drew on the report of the Public Engagement Project to provide a practical, learning-intensive introduction to the Forum's public engagement framework while examining key issues in the field, and using the Government of Australia's Community Engagement Project as a case study to illustrate the approach.

What you will learn

The seminar focused on four basic questions:

  • What is "public engagement"?
  • What's wrong with traditional consultation?
  • How do public engagement processes work?
  • How do they change the way we think about policy development and service delivery?