Crown Corporation Governance - Regina

When: Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - 08:30 - 11:30

Where: Regina, Saskatchewan

Crown corporations have been essential contributors to Canada’s economic and social well-being, seeking to strengthen public sector interests by fulfilling an important niche that might not be as well-addressed by traditional government or business activities. Shifting public expectations regarding public sector transparency and accountability have spurred reforms meant to achieve greater government oversight and control. Despite attempts to modernize Crown corporation governance over the past two decades, government and Crown leaders continually identify the same core issues as requiring greater understanding and clarification: roles, responsibilities and relationships; and rules around transparency and accountability. In light of this, is now time to rethink how Crown corporations are governed?

To help advance this important discussion, the Public Policy Forum is undertaking a multi-faceted project that engages a select group of government and Crown corporation leaders in Canada. Specifically, we are bringing together a diverse range of perspectives to explore the evolving raison d’être of Crown corporations and to provide insights into the roles, responsibilities and relationships that are essential for their effective governance.

While roundtable participation is by invitation only, the summary report will be available on the Forum’s website following the conclusion of the roundtable.

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Isabelle Couture
Project Lead

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