Australia-Canada Roundtable on Foreign Qualification Recognition

When: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 18:30 - Friday, April 15, 2011 - 14:00

Where: Level 13, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia  

With support from the Australian High Commissioner to Canada and the valuable contribution of Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne, Associate Dean International at the University of Melbourne, the Public Policy Forum (PPF) organized the Australia-Canada Roundtable on Foreign Qualification Recognition, which took place from April 12-15, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. This event received funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and a number of Australian government departments and organizations.

Like most developed countries around the world, Canada and Australia will face increasing labour market pressures due to unprecedented demographic shifts and growing competition for skilled workers. To address current and anticipated skill shortages, both countries are working to expand opportunities for skilled workers by improving qualification recognition processes to facilitate internal mobility and skilled migration. With the goal of promoting mutual learning and building stronger partnerships, the roundtable brought together close to 50 Canadian and Australian stakeholders to share improvements in overseas services and pre-arrival assessment, as well as explore opportunities for expanding mutual recognition agreements in select professions.


participants at the Australia-Canada Roundtable
Group photo of the participants at the Australia-Canada Roundtable on Foreign Qualification Recognition.



Day 1


Panel 1

Peter Speldewinde
Lindy Ingham

Corinne Prince-St-Amand


Panel 2

Margaret Proctor
Martin Fletcher
Corinne Prince-St-Amand


Panel 3

Timothy Owen
Laurel Brunke
Lesleyanne Hawthorne


Luncheon Speaker

Kruno Kukoc


Day 2


Panel 1

Lesleyanne Hawthorne
Lorraine Trotter
Christine Nielsen


Panel 2

Jan Febey
Karen Berkley
Jan Robinson


Panel 3

Paul Wappet
Carole Presseault
Ian Frank
Ian Bowmer


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Day 3


Luncheon Speaker

Mark Cormack


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