Make money OR create a better world?

As it turns out, business isn’t just about profit anymore. It can be about profit, people and the planet. Business can be about using your ideas to really better your community.

It’s called social entrepreneurship. Using market oriented solutions and creative approaches to alleviate the social and environmental challenges of our communities.

Public Policy Forum and TakingITGlobal have partnered to create Change Inc. An exciting new program for youth aged 16-25 that builds the knowledge, skills, connections and resources they need to turn their ideas into initiatives and enterprises that drive positive change.

Starting in September, Change Inc. delivered five in-person workshops on social entrepreneurship to college and university students aged 16-25 in five Ontario cities: Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, and Waterloo.

Here are the four components of Change Inc.:

  • Five workshops on social entrepreneurship for 150 university and college students in five Ontario cities
  • An online social entrepreneurship course for 100 high-school students
  • An e-mentoring program linking aspiring social entrepreneurs to a young established entrepreneur
  • An online resource guide that illustrates social enterprise basics for those interested in establishing their own social venture


Thank you to our partners: