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The Holiday Reading List is one of our favourite traditions here at the Public Policy Forum.

Each year the Forum asks Canadian Leaders what they plan to read over the holidays. The responses received are always fascinating and usually provide a few ideas for the year's "must-reads".

With no guidelines or rules offered, individuals respond with single titles, or sometimes with more ambitious lists. Some note that they plan to read recently-released "hot" books and others, the classics. Also noteworthy, is the rich mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Collectively, the titles assembled represent a delightful combination of intellectual stimulation and showcase Canada's love of reading.

Holiday Reading Lists:





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The Ottawa Citizen discusses the findings of our report Innovation in government: Conversations with Canada's public service leaders. The study engaged 100 public leaders in one-on-one conversations about the challenges facing Canada's public service and the measures being undertaken to innovate.


In a Globe & Mail op-ed, David Mitchell discusses the public servant of the future.



David Mitchell, President of the Public Policy Forum was interviewed on CBC's The National on November 29, 2010 about Wikileaks in Canada. The story begins at the seven minute mark.

Watch the video on The National's website.


Canada is in a political rut. For the past six years, it has been unable to elect a government that reflects the will of the majority of its population. Stephen Harper, who took power in 2006, is heading his second-and Canada's third-consecutive minority government.

It all has both insiders and outsiders shaking their heads.

"There's a dysfunction in our country right now," says David Mitchell, president of the Public Policy Forum, an independent think tank in Ottawa. "It would take a party with a broad-based national base of support to win a majority, and we don't have such a thing. Regionalism has become so strong, the country so fragmented politically, that we're in this political stalemate."

Click here to read the full article published by the Wall Street Journal.


Ottawa – The Public Policy Forum (PPF) today announced that Bernard Derome, Former Host of Radio Canada’s Le Téléjournal, will be awarded the Hyman Solomon Award for Excellence in Public Policy Journalism, and that Gabriel Bran Lopez, Executive Director of Montreal-based Youth Fusion, will receive the 2010 Emerging Leaders Award. 

The Hyman Solomon Award for Excellence in Journalism is presented annually to a journalist whose work provides insights into the policy-making process in Canada, and explains to Canadians how changes in public policy affect their individual well-being and collective economic progress.  “For over 30 years Bernard Derome informed French Canada about every significant political, social and cultural event that impacted their world.  His authority, integrity and humanity make him an icon in Quebec, and set him apart both as a journalist and a cultural figure,” said David Mitchell, President and CEO of the Forum.

In 2005, the Public Policy Forum established an annual award for emerging leaders to recognize the contributions of young Canadians who personify leadership in the area of public policy and civic discourse. Recipients of the Emerging Leaders Award are in the early stages of their career and demonstrate exceptional initiative and commitment to the principles of public service.  “Gabriel Bran Lopez has worked to help at-risk youth at home and abroad” said Mitchell.  “His work with Youth Fusion encourages young people to stay in high school through unique partnerships with Universities and the private sector.  His efforts certainly fall in the category of ‘making a difference.’”

The awards will be presented at the 23rd Annual Testimonial Dinner in Toronto on April 29th.  This year’s Dinner will be co-Chaired by Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter, and Toronto Star Columnist Chantal Hébert.  The previously announced Testimonial Award honourees for 2010 are Tony Dean, Phil Fontaine, Preston Manning and Carole Taylor.

The Public Policy Forum is an independent, non partisan organization dedicated to improving the quality of governance in Canada.  For additional information about the Testimonial Dinner, or to purchase tickets, visit


Photos available upon request.

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President David Mitchell provided his thoughts on trust as a critical part of both public and private relationships at the Industry Sector Leaders Forum, an event hosted by Industry Canada.


PPF Presdident David Mitchell traces the long reach of our modern federal governemtn to the Conservative government of the 1930s in his op-ed article Ottawa too powerful? Actually, it's the Depression's Tory legacy.

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