Welcome to Public Policy Forum

Who we are

Public Policy Forum works with all levels of government and the public service, the private sector, labour, post-secondary institutions, NGOs and Indigenous groups to improve policy outcomes for Canadians. As a non-partisan, member-based organization, we work from “inclusion to conclusion,” by convening discussions on fundamental policy issues and by identifying new options and paths forward. For 30 years, PPF has broken down barriers among sectors, contributing to meaningful change that builds a better Canada.

Our vision

We believe that addressing Canada’s most complex problems requires informed policy, effective government and good leadership from all sectors.

Our mission

We build bridges and transfer knowledge across sectors through constructive dialogue. Our approach helps catalyze good governance and public service leadership. 

What we do      

We work from “inclusion to conclusion,” by convening discussions on fundamental policy issues to identify new options and paths forward. We build knowledge by drawing on expertise and perspectives from across Canada on policy issues.

We also recognize and celebrate Canadians who’ve made significant contributions to public policy at our signature events.

How we do it

We engage multiple sectors and jurisdictions to address emerging issues. We build trust by establishing safe spaces for discussion and debate. We publish policy research and mobilize the recommendations that emerge from events and meetings. And we promote learning and networking to support policy development and shared values.

We depend on our members, sponsors and event participants to sustain our programming.

PPF is governed by a board of directors whose members are leaders in their fields and represent diverse sectors and regions of Canada.

Our roots

In 1987, a formative meeting in Calgary with federal deputy ministers and private sector leaders provided the impetus for establishing PPF. A strong consensus emerged regarding the need to create an independent space where leaders from the private and public sectors could meet regularly to discuss governance and public policy. Since that time, PPF’s membership has grown to include more than 180 leading organizations from business, federal, provincial and territorial governments, academic institutions, unions, and the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors.





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